Submitted by Eric W.

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I was driving a drunk friend home after a night out. I got pulled over by the police in the parking lot of my apt. One cop was older, the other a rookie. The older man asked if I was drinking. I replied to the affirmative. The young cop yelled at me “WHY ARE YOU DRIVING AFTER DRINKING!!!” I calmly replied “because this is my friends car and I didn’t want him to drive and puke at the same time.”

The older cop asked me if I can walk a straight line. I said “Yes, where is the line?’ He said “it’s an invisible line.” I told him, “then I’m sorry but I can’t do that, it would be impossible – but I’ll try.” Apparently, I succeeded and the older cop asked the rookie, “do you want to ask him anymore questions?” The young cop said “OK smart ass, I want you to listen to me very clearly and follow my verbal instructions! I want you to count from 10 to 1 backwards!” I calmly replied 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. He said “I SAID COUNT FROM 10 TO 1 BACKWARDS!” I said “10 to 1 backwards is 1 to 10.”

The older cop, handed me my license and said “Have a good night Sir.” PAFU