I have been PAFU for many many years and my work has allowed me to explore PAFU behaviors in others as well. 

I have been in the customer service industry since I graduated (thank goodness) from the Pennsylvania State University. I was certainly not the greatest student. Someway, somehow, I made it through. I lived in a fraternity while an undergraduate and, while I did not know it at the time, looking back there was some seriously PAFU brothers in that fraternity. 

I enjoyed working for Marriott International, a terrific company for 44 years. They tolerated my PAFU behavior while allowing me to grow; helping me and guiding me to improve. Fortunately, I was not detrimental to the business and had a pretty successful career advancing to a leadership position in the top 2% of the global Fortune 500 company with over 100,000 employees. 

During my career, I have worked for many bosses and a few thousand co-workers.  I have worked on the front lines as well as corporate-level positions. I have been able to observe some great leaders and work alongside wonderful human beings.  

I understand business strategy and I understand the need to galvanize a large workforce to generate financial returns, happy customers, and engaged employees. My jobs and positions offered me plenty of opportunities to see and hear how people’s behavior derailed them.  

It is the day to day grind; working side by side with so many employees that helped develop the idea of PAFU. Helping people recognize behaviors that hone their skills to drive their success or identifying behaviors that undermine and derail their career has been what excites and motivates me the most. I believe I am both honest and direct. I can be a mentor and an asshole. I am still PAFU.

Roy Nassau

Professional Speaker | Chief PAFU Officer