Contributed by Scott F.

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Work PAFU | 0 comments

I made an appointment with the Jeep dealership to have an oil change and replace a back tire that cannot be repaired. I made the appointment Monday of this week, I discussed exactly what I needed and the tire that needed to be replaced. I assumed having bought our Jeep from this dealership and discussing the tire that they would know what kind of tire it is. The appointment was made for 9am this morning, I received two follow up phone calls an email appointment as well as a text with everything we discussed. I get there at 9 am and my service manager whom I know from work before comes out and says to me “What brings you in this morning” WTF. Trying to be nice I again say oil change and tire replacement and he begins to take pictures of the Jeep and look at the tire. Looking at the tire he then tells me they cannot repair the tire, I SAID I KNOW THAT BECAUSE I TOLD YOU I NEEDED TO BUY A NEW TIRE AND PLACE IT ON THE JEEP WHILE YOU ARE DOING THE OTHER SERVICE! The service manager then says lets step in to the office. He proceeds to call and find out that they do not have the tire. Now I am pissed so I call make the appointment and tell them I need a new tire and get there and you now never ordered the F-ing Tire WTF? He blamed it on the appointment guy and I said you personally called me as well. I am blown away at the incompetence with this service manager and that is my PAFU for the day. I am now getting this work done somewhere else.