“With his strong background knowledge, Roy immediately connected well with the team. His story telling added levity to the training, but was always on point with the class. The class was a huge success, and weeks later participants are still talking about the principles learned.” – Michael Yaneck, COO, The Bricton Group

“So many takeaways and insight from Roy … It was definitely something I would recommend for all leaders. We covered everything from how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how we deal with day to day situations. My biggest takeaway was how we deal with having difficult or challenging conversations with staff and the different ways that we can have these conversations.” – Jonathan, The Karol Hotel

“Roy [was] very personable and approachable. The group activities really brought out what we wanted and how we saw ourselves … [It was] interesting to learn on how we communicate, which is not as effective as we think.” – Robyn Shipp, Food & Beverage Manager, Fenway Hotel