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When someone’s behavior completely ignores the “norm” of what is considered reasonable and acceptable; it defies logic and rational thinking; and it disregards reason and common sense.                                                      OR – Simply Stated                                     Illogical – Irrational – Inexplicable

PAFU People Are F*cked Up

How to recognize and address people’s annoying and irritating behaviors that make you say “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Why Roy?

Roy is available for bookings as a keynote speaker, leading conference breakout sessions and workshops, Q&A style live events and facilitating educational talks in schools.

He retired from Marriott International after a 44 year career where he started as a management trainee and eventually advanced to regional operations, then to GM and ultimately to Area VP. As a GM, Roy’s recognition of disruptive behaviors in the workplace and addressing them with candor, honesty and transparency helped lead his hotel in both associate engagement and turnover reduction. After dismal results, Roy and his team, in the span of one year, increased associate engagement 11 points to 86% and reduced turnover from 27% to 9.3%. Discussing PAFU behavior and how to recognize, address and correct annoying behaviors makes for a fun, informative and surprisingly motivational presentation.

Improve the honest communication between co-workers and see how your results improve. Roy will customize his presentation to make it personal and relevant for your organization and participants.


Company Culture Facilitates Behavior

Assess the Culture

Understand existing and desired culture and then determine PAFU behaviors that are detractors.

Help People

Teach and educate people to be more comfortable telling someone they are PAFU to improve relationships.


Getting people to have some self-awareness and shout “YES – YES, I am PAFU” so they can work to minimize their own negative impact on others!!!

PAFU People Are F*cked Up

“Nassau offers practical advice from a career in the hospitality industry…His humorous, brutally honest presentation makes you realize that we’re all prone to our moments of PAFU and gives practical advice to handle this behavior with the grace and honesty that builds better relationships and a more functional work (and personal) environment.”

– Sherri Fulmer Moorer for Readers’ Favorite

“PAFU is a great book for people leaders that need some guidance on what behavior to call out and how to do it effectively. Roy advocates if we nip PAFU in the bud it will help eradicate the perpetrator.”

– Dr. Jordan Alexander

“Nassau uses an acerbically blunt and spectacularly witty narrative to provide insight on individuals in our sphere who are more likely than not to be complete, absolute morons—including ourselves. ”

– Asher Syed

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