Contributed by Steve N.

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Work PAFU

So this guy worked for us as an insurance sales representative for about a year and a half. He was a “smooth talker”, so while he could talk the talk, he could not walk the walk. Over the course of 18 or so months, he was able to write 2 accounts; one of those being his Father’s company. This guy was great at “looking busy”. Often times he was nowhere to be found for days at a time, and upon returning to the office had plenty to say about his “prospecting efforts”, but nothing to show for it. 

Fast forward to the end of his tenure, we sat down at breakfast and it was explained to him that things just weren’t working out, and we needed to part ways. It was at that moment he stared blankly back at me, paused, and asked why specifically he was being let go. We informed him that it was due to “performance” (a broad enough term to capture everything), at which point he fired back saying he had been having tremendous success, and bringing on new clients left and right. With a puzzled look on our faces, fighting back the desire to chuckle, we simply responded that his performance was not cutting it, and it was time to go.

As if this wasn’t laughable enough, we walked back to his car and I asked him for his key card and ID badge. He went to hand them over, hesitated, and had the audacity to ask if he could keep his key card so he could park in our garage for basketball games (Arena was walking distance from our building). Complete and utter lack of self-awareness defined!